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Yakitori has unlimited possibilities.
Facing the chicken, thinking about a single skewer, and the fun of manipulating the charcoal fire.
The path of yakitori, which is so profound that it never leads to a single answer, is now entering a new stage.
We want to evolve yakitori into a culture that is loved even more and lead it to a future with dreams.
With this in mind, we would like to combine the ideas of various companies with Torishiki ICHIMON.

Together with Torishiki

We will create new experiences together with Torishiki ICHIMON.
Creation of things and events connected to yakitori.>br? We are also developing new products such as lemon sours and side dishes that go well with yakitori, and developing an outdoor yakitori machine.
We are always looking for new ideas for new experiences in any field.
We are looking for partners who can work together to realize our dreams and create new experiences.


How Collaboration Begins

How Collaboration Begins

The flow of the contract process is as follows.
We will also discuss the cost of the project with you.




Please contact us using the inquiry form on this website to discuss your requirements. We will contact you by e-mail or phone.




We will listen to your requests and make a proposal that takes advantage of Torishiki ICHIMON’s strengths.



Beginning of business

We will present the terms of the contract. If you agree, we will start business.

Torishiki ICHIMON is looking for colleagues who can create new experiences together with us.
If you are interested, please contact us for further information.