Japanese Chinese


Yoshiteru Ikegawa

Executive chef of Torishiki

One Skewer, One Lifetime.

Masahiro Himeno

Tori Kaze (Head Chef)

Making people around the world smile with the power of yakitori.

Shintaro Sato

Toriyaki Kohana (Head Chef)

Cooking with sincerity, never forgetting where one started.

Shinobu Iida

Toriyoshi (Head Chef)

I hope you will feel happiness with each skewer.

Tatsuya Nagaoka

Toritsuki (Head Chef)

Creating a yakitori restaurant that you will want to come back to.

Takanori Ohira

Torikado (Head Chef)

Becoming a person who can introduce yakitori culture to the world.

Tatsuro Kawasaki

Aobadai Torisora 3200HN (Head Chef)

A simple fusion between poultry and French cuisine

Yutaka Isoda

Nakameguro Torimachi(Head Chef)

We make our customers smile with our sincere hospitality.

Sou Watanabe

Nakameguro Torimachi(Store Manager)

To bring smiles to the faces of everyone involved

Hideo Yasuda

New York TORIEN(Head Chef)

Different places, different environments, different cultures, but the essence is the same.

Taisei Kano

Syanhai TORIKAZE(Head Chef)

Creating a restaurant loved by many people.