Japanese Chinese

A lifetime of work on
a single skewer,
Yakitori will evolve

Yakitori has the power to make
people, Japan, and the world smile.
With Japanese skills, dreams, and
pride, We will spend a lifetime
pursuing the charm of each skewer.
To pursue the profound
Way of Yakitori and evolve it to a
higher level
We are committed to the chicken, the
charcoal, and ourselves.
With the desire of “one skewer, one
Torishiki ICHIMON will continue to
take on that challenge.

About us


Together with our partners, we want to
create the future of yakitori that
no one can imagine.
With that thought in mind, Torishiki ICHIMON is undertaking the
following initiatives.


To create an environment where each
and every one of our employees
can embrace their dreams

We want to create an environment where every one of our employees can hold their dream of becoming a full-fledged yakitori chef close to their hearts. We are committed to making such dreams come true by working closely with chicken, with charcoal, and with ourselves. That is what Torishiki ICHIMON is all about.