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We are looking for people who will connect Yakitori culture to both the world and the future.

Japanese food culture is recognized around the world.
Japan has a diverse food culture rooted in its rich climate, people's spirituality, and history.
And among them, yakitori is a form of the traditional food culture.
Torishiki ICHIMON will create various projects to spread this yakitori culture throughout the world.

<Opening Plans>
Summer 2023 Nakameguro
Fall 2023 Minato City
Summer 2024 Taipei
Summer 2024 Bangkok
Torishiki ICHIMON will continue to move forward together with craftsmen who have dreams.

<Application Guidelines>
Yakitori chef “Yakite”
Restaurant Manager *Language skills required
Yakitori chef “Yakite” *No language skills required

We look forward to receiving your applications.

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